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Logos are everywhere whether we notice them or not. Every book, magazine, food label, sign post, and internet website or ad contain them. What many people also don't realise is that all of these graphics—from the mundane to the spectacular—are the work of graphic designers, illustrators, and logo makers.
As the world has gotten more and more digital, the work of graphic designers has become more important and more pervasive. It is of course true that not all graphic design is created equal, and these days it's harder to stand out in the field because of the amount of people doing average or subpar design work. However, as with any field, there are some pioneers. Here are some of the most famous logo designers in history.
• Frank Mason Robinson- He may not have had the internet to help him, but Robinson—who was one of the early marketers for Coca Cola—created the brand's iconic typography by using a script called Spencerian on the soft drink bottles.
• Rob Janoff- It means something as a graphic designer when you can say that you created the logo for one of the most aesthetically celebrated companies in the world: Apple. Janoff designed the beloved logo in the late 1970s and the company has maintained it ever since.
• Milton Glaser- The ubiquitous “I Heart NY” t-shirts that can be bought on many New York street corners were actually designed by Glaser. Along with creating many other well-known logos, Glaser also co-founded New York Magazine
• Ruth Kedar- Kedar is the artist and designer responsible for creating the logo for one of the most successful companies in the world: Google.

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